Informational / Small Business Website Development

Design & Development

Number of pages #8 – 16 (including landing page)

Style of design
Simple yet attractive
Copyright number of pages
5 – 10 pages
Page yield footnote SEO
30 keywords
Responsive design
Database integration
E-commerce functionality
Content management system (CMS)
Other costs (recurring cost – for 1 year) is included in the design & development cost
Domain Name Registration, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and Website Hosting. This cost is mostly in dollars and it can vary based on the prevailing rate.

About Informational / Small Business Website Development

An informational or small business website is ideal for small businesses where the site displays contact details, an ‘About Us’ page, and the functionality to send a request or some Call to Action (CTA).

The website features a few web pages—and the aim is to attract new customers and sales. However, some sites are set up to disseminate information and news.

Design & Development
  • Front-end (JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, Graphic designs)
  • Back-end (MySQL)
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • Plugins and Apps
  • Theme
Website Hosting
Domain name registration, purchase of SSL certificate, and hosting registration
Domain name is the website address (url) that people will use to access the website. This name must reflect the name of the firm.
This will cover the following; how to navigate the website, usability testing, and content management. Cost is free.
Maintenance cost
These cost includes; renewal of domain name, SSL certificate and website hosting
Update of plug-ins, style design theme, 1-3 pages, content management etc. The maintenance cost is tabulated based on the following factors; how often will the website content be updated, and what is/are to be updated.